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Lebanon لبنان

Lebanon is also known as  « Switzerland of the Middle East « . The state is counted among the Mashrek countries and is in the front Aisen on the Mediterranean Sea. The country is known for its cedar forests and the largest nature reserve is on the slopes of Mount Barouk. Beirut is the capital and there was already in the

16th century the first coffee houses before coffee spread to Europe, Asia and South America.

Incidentally, the term "coffee" is derived from the Arabic "Kahwe" or "Qahwa", which means something like strength or vitality. 

Elettaria cardamomum حب الهال

Cardamom is known as the "Queen of Spices" and is one of the most expensive in the world. Cardamom is beneficial in many ways. The effects of essential oils and the potentially active ingredients are innumerable.

The enjoyment of Arabic cardamom - coffee is healthy and much more than just a wake-up.

Health effects: التأثير الصحي

There are always positive overlaps between Chinese and school medicine. There is scientific evidence for thisSupporting documents.

As is well known, natural doping does not only help against mild onesheadacheor about bad breath.In Chinese medicine, the medicinal herb is mainly used as awarmingandkrskating stimulatingclassified. 

However, modern science now points to cardamomworth cholesterollowers thatgut healthstrengthens, inflammation,blood pressureand evenfight cancercan.

Next to thecalming of the nervesin the gastrointestinal tract through the essential oils and the stimulation of digestion, cardamom has five effects: 

  • Anti-inflammatory: through TH2 cytokine release 

  • Anti-anxiety action: by reducing a specific hormone. 

  • Antispasmodic: The property can reduce intestinal disorders, asthma symptoms and blood pressure. 

  • Antioxidants: Intercept free radicals.

  • Anticancer: The cardamom oil can prevent cancer-causing DNA damage.

Why Arabic coffee? لماذا القهوة العربية

Easily digestible, it lies well in the stomach and can be enjoyed generously. 

After a meal, it has a positive effect on digestion and, with the cardamom, also refreshes the mouthfeel. The coffee is not sour and is therefore not known for sour belching. 

What makes our cardamom coffee so special? 

Our coffee is processed in a specially designed grinder, which grinds like the finest powder. In contrast to conventional coffee, it feels very fine and the scent is seductive. The coffee beans used are Fairtrade certified and 100% organic. The cardamom seeds are of the highest quality and contain no processed products. Because everything is processed locally and freshly, the cardamom coffee has a freshness that conventional vacuum imported products cannot match.



The 100% Arabica coffee beans we use are 100% from Fairtrade-certified cooperatives. The Fairtrade label stands for products that are traded fairly and produced according to comprehensive social and ecological criteria.

The coffee farmers in the Peruvian rainforest earn around 20% more, which supports a fair trade relationship. Thanks to the label, issues such as education, health and environmentally friendly cultivation are supported.



The coffee beans that we process are certified organic. Our supplier is constantly on the lookout for green coffee with an organic certificate. Worth knowing: The farmers are checked annually to see whether they are complying with organic guidelines. After all, there should also be organic where it says organic. 



The coffee packaging used by our supplier is recyclable. The packaging therefore meets various criteria of the after-live process which allow our manufacturer to bear the label for the solution used. ​Thanks to the innovative mono-plastic, the packaging is fully recyclable and at the same time offers excellent UV protection.

Grüne Hügel


Florjana R. 


“Excellent healthy indulgence coffee, love it. Preferably with dates or nuts.”

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